Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Note to Friends and Folks

The five-month-old HP computer on which cognoscented is written is apparently dying an embarrassingly premature death of old age. Although the author does not trust the teenage boys at CompUsa, the HP is under warranty and will have to be shamefully returned for a revamp, sooner rather than later. Therefore, if cognoscented vanishes into the mists without appropriate warning, you will know the reason why.

If anyone would like to be notified when cognoscented is being published again (and it will be published again), please drop me an e-mail with your own e-mail address and I will cheerfully advise when I am back up and running.

Bonus: If anyone out there can resolve this fiasco there will be a lovely scented reward.

STOP MESSAGE 0X0000007A1. 0XE18DA3882. 0XC000000E3. 0XBF8D29D84. 0X0883860KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERRORWin32K.sys address BF8D29D8Base at BF8000000

I also receive a black screen asking me reboot. This system has a preconfined recovery setup (no disk) and I have already done two destructive recoveries.

And thanks for stopping by!